Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Crystal and Glass...

Crystal Candlesticks & Stopper - Vintage and more
One of my weaknesses when out thrifting is for vintage (or not) crystal  or glass candlesticks.  If they are crystal and a unique design and a great deal I usually buy them whether they are vintage or not.  With the glass ones I am usually only drawn to the vintage candlesticks.  Like vintage linens, they all seem to collect somewhere in my home.  I have a hard time parting with them.  If they commanded a great price I might be convinced to part with them, but on the whole they do not.

More Vintage Crystal Candlesticks, Door Knob & Chandelier Prism

So, here they gather on my little hutch, which is almost full.  Guess I will have to part with a few if I find more I like.

Vintage Glass Candlesticks (heirloom platter in back)

What is your vintage weakness... or any other for that matter... that you find yourself collecting?

Vintage Glass Cake Stand

Vintage Plate on crystal candlestick with Decorative Vintage Glass Bell

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  1. Your crystal pieces are lovely, Leah. I have some pressed glass cake stands and Depression ware that are so pretty so I understand your affinity for these treasures. I'd much rather surround myself with these old beauties than things from "modern" stores. Thanks for sharing your lovely collectibles.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek