Monday, January 16, 2012

Reselling Tools of the Trade...

Recently I found a heavy necklace and bracelet at a thrift store for $2.00.  They were very dull looking, but when I looked at the clasp the .925 was there, which is an indication of sterling silver.  After purchasing them I went to an independent jeweler I frequent for watch batteries, etc. and asked him to verify it for me.  He dipped the items in tarnish remover and gently rubbed them with a Jewelry Care Cloth.  Immediately, the lovely shine began to peek from beneath the years of wear.  He sold me my own cleaning cloth and told me the more I gently rubbed the metal the more it would shine.  Here is how the set looks now... Pretty lovely, heh?  UPDATE: Closing bid on Ebay was $58.00.

When you are out thrifting and come upon jewelry you think might be valuable it is important to have the right tools.  A jewelers loop is invaluable. (Thanks, Selena at for teaching me this. :) The pic to the left was taken through mine.  It is a small magnifying glass.  The cover to mine has broken off.

I know now that having a Jewelry Care Cloth is important as well.   Oh... it is important to never wash this cloth as it has some type of cleaner in it that would be destroyed.  The jeweler says no matter how dirty it looks it will still shine your jewelry and last for years.

Also important is a good scale.  I purchased this one to weigh parcels, but it seems to do fine for jewelry as I can change the units from ounces to grams.

Next on my list are some jewelry pliers for repairs.

I will be joining Selena's Thrift Share Monday here: . Join us to check out the great finds. :)

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