Friday, March 18, 2011

Thrifty Finds of the Day...

Went yard saling with my dear friend, Hazel, today.  Found a few goodies like this sweet thread holder with many vintage wooden spools of thread...

...and this 1982 Wilton horseshoe cake pan.  Looks like some critters dined on the liner - ick!  Think I should throw it away before listing it for sale?

Also found a new linen/cotton tea towel from the U.K..  I have had some success selling linens like this on Ebay, but not sure if this one would be in high demand.  Think I will try it though.

Found some nearly full dog shampoo and conditioner bottles for 25cents each.

Last, I found these Digital Camera and Cell Phone Screen Protectors - but it may be too late for my camera - it's screen is pretty scratched up aleady.

Hope your thrifting was good this week.  What did you find?

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reselling Clothing...

I am starting to dabble in thrifting popular name brand clothing for resell.  Daughter inspired this the other day when we were out thrifting together.  She was going through the jeans racks looking for expensive name brands to resell.  I've done a little research on Ebay and written down the names of the highest grossing brands.  I keep reading over the list. I am hoping they will imprint on my brain and I will be able to find them in my mental file when out shopping (more of a challenge these days :).  So far I have only picked up two pair of Lucky Brand jeans.  I paid more than I would have liked, $5.99 at Goodwill and $5 at a smaller non-chain thrift store.  I sold the $5.99 pair for only $11.99 which is not the kind of profit I like to see.  The other pair will start for auction tonight at $19.99.

I also picked up a Petite Sophisticate sweet, pink, sleeveless dress to resell.  I paid $2.50 for it and it will start tonight at $9.99.

Has anyone else had good fortune reselling clothing?  If so, what types and brands?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Decor - Wall Colors - Bold or Basic

Pam over at has a post on her favorite wall color, which happens to be a basic white/gray.  She is very talented with home decor, so a basic wall color is perfect for her.  Some of us are more challenged in the decorating area and rely on our wall color to pull us through.  For example, my Raymond Waites kitchen wallpaper is quite colorful (see behind the birds).

I also added a little color and a textured look to my entry way with the old rag roll technique.  I used a camel color, pale beige and a little metallic gold. (Two of my kiddos cutting it up. :)

My living room is a medium green and my bedroom a light plum. Sorry no pics of the bedroom and my camera battery seems to have died. (Two more kiddos having some fun.)

My dining room is off white and I would love to change it to a color - have to talk hubby into this one.  He does the rolling and I do the cutting in and trim.

What is your wall color preference?  Bold or basic?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Quilt...

Oldest daughter and I are putting together a crazy quilt for my middle son (a surprise, so don't say anything if you know him).  He has been wanting his own, adult size quilt for some time.  When his sister heard this she suggested the two of us make him one as a graduation gift.  He is graduating from high school in May.  Here are two photos of three of the blocks I have made.

Daughter says my blocks are not "crazy" -  too planned.  I just cannot bring myself to cut large pieces of fabric into tiny, strange shaped bits to sew back together - so these will have to do. We will just have to alternate them so one half does not look crazier than the other. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stawberry Jam :)

It is strawberry season here in Florida, Mmmm Mmmm... 

I tried my hand at strawberry jam and it turned out quite well.  Only took about two hours from start to finish (not including clean-up).  I used the cooked jam recipe in the SureJell box and added 2 Tbsps of fresh lemon juice.  The color was lovely and the taste delicious.  Wish I could post a sample. :)

Remember in an earlier post I commented on how Google told me I had run out of room for storing my blog pics in Picasa?  I went to my Google GMail page, clicked photos in the top menu bar, chose my blog photos album and deleted pictures from it.  Of course, it means those pictures will no longer be visible in my blog entries. So, if you go back to some of my earlier posts and there are no pics, this is why.  I may have to consider buying more space.

It looks like the groundhog may have been right about an early spring. Hope you are enjoying some warmer temps and sunshine!

P.S. (Don't you like my gaudy yellow Home button?  I could not figure out how to add a Home option to the Nav Bar, so added his guy.  If you  can tell me how to add things to the Nav Bar in Blogger, I would love to ditch this big yellow blob.) Thanks, Angela, for the tip on layout.  I did find the Home button.  It is at the bottom of the blog in the footer.  Think I would prefer it up top, but at least there is one present.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I dropped by a little hole-in-the-wall, cash only thrift shop yesterday and there were four HP Laser Toner Cartridges new in the box.  The gal took $15 each, but I was low on cash so only purchased two. After returning home I found out they were selling for $200 each on Ebay.  Posted them both with a Buy It Now option and one sold for $199.99.  Second one sold for $192.00. WooHoo!  I called a dear friend and she picked up the remaining two.  Always good to share the wealth. :)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trade Me Up - Barter Challenge..

Okay, blogging friends, I have been inspired by Selena from the Apron Thrift Girl Blog to participate in a barter challenge.  I have never done this before, but it does sound fun and interesting.  The challenge is to make a blog post with a picture of an item you would like to trade.  You can read all about the challenge and instructions here: .

I have a vintage pastel plaid acrylic blanket that I know is at least from the 1940's or earlier.  It was produced by the North Star Woolen Mills, which quit doing business under that name in the 1940's.  It has a lovely wide yellow satin binding with little to no wear. There are no holes, stains or tears in the actual blanket as well. It measures 78"W x 88"L.

Here is another item I am interested in bartering - vintage 50's? Aqua/Turquoise Oval Dutch Oven/Roaster.  It has brown staining on the inside and a little outside from use, but a great vintage kitchen piece. (This item has been traded.)

I have been thinking of things I need and use as possible items for which to trade.  Here is my list so far...

1) Three pairs Sz 16 Navy, Boys Uniform (school) pants in vgc.  They can be from Target, Walmart, not necessarily fancy brands.
2) Starbucks Decaf Coffee, ground, bagged.
3) Week stay in NC or N.GA home on water for 8 people.

I'm sure there is more, so don't be shy to contact me. If you like either of these items and have something you might want to barter for them, please comment to this blog and I will respond.

Consider making your own post to your blog of something you would like to trade.  It will be fun to see what trades are made.  Join the fun! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Treasure Hunting...

At a yard sale recently I bought a wooden chest full of costumes for $10.00.  This Scully Leather Western Lace-up Fringe Shirt was included. The hems have come undone, a few fringes have come off, though not obvious, and it could use a cleaning. They were selling new on Ebay for $169.99.  I posted it starting at $24.99 and it currently  has seven watchers and one bid. UPDATE:  Sold for $31.00.

At the same sale I found a bunch of nice stainless flatware in this pattern:. It is Reed & Barton Heritage Mint Ltd. 18/10, though I cannot find a pattern name.  I found one similar by another maker called Old English Hammered.  Anyone know what pattern this would be?

Also found this and another 1970's Raggedy Ann & Andy patterns. Paid 50cents each.  Some have sold from $10 - $20 on Ebay.

Update:  Had no fortune selling these.  Donated to thrift store.

These sweet vintage ornaments were at another sale for 50cents or so.  Two say Poland on the metal top.  I still need to do research at how much to start bidding.

Decided to donate these... concerned they would break in shipping.

Lastly,  I bought this vintage autumn tablecloth.  It has no holes or tears, but does have a small area where there are mildew stains and several areas where it looks like someone dropped superglue on it.  It also has a faded area.  I may list it as a cutter.

Sold for $1 at my yard sale.  There were several bad stains which prohibited sale on Ebay.

There are definitely signs of spring here in the southeast U.S.  Yard sales were so busy last weekend.  'Tis the season. :)  Happy Treasure Hunting to you! :)