Monday, December 26, 2011

Update on Recent Resells...

Remember the vintage German Silver belt buckles I picked up for a buck each?  The peace sign with inlaid turquoise went for $16.51 and the Brass Eagle with inlaid abalone went for $29.00... not too bad of a flip.

I sold most of the Lenox Winter Greetings dishware I posted but, due to an error on my part, will probably lose most if not all profit.  I accidentally mailed one piece to the wrong buyer.  I realized it later that same day and emailed him, offering him free shipping on his order if he would ship the other back to me.  Then I reimbursed him for everything.  Still have heard no word from him and it has been a week.  I'm sure he had probably already left for the holidays and will be in touch.  However, felt I needed to reimburse the other buyer, although she stated she was in no hurry for the item.  I plan to send it to her if it gets returned.  We shall see.  What a mess I created. Something to be careful of when prepping things for shipping ahead of time.

I'll be joining Selena's Thrift Share Monday here .  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with those you love.  Blessings for the New Year! Leah :)

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  1. love those buckles. eeek, shipping to the wrong person...that sounds like something i have almost done a million times. when there are such similar items, it get's crazy up in here. eh, a lesson learned, right?