Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strange Find & Vintage Tea Towels

Stopped by a favorite thrift store yesterday and found this strange little fellow...

It appears to be silver plate over some goldish metal.  On the inside is written "Rochester Stamping Co. Germany". I did find info on the Rochester Stamping Co.. They had their fine cutlery manufactured in England and Germany until around 1895 when tariffs were raised and they brought the work home to the USA.  So, these are probably from before 1895.

On the other side there seems to be something missing from the chicken's eye... maybe a stone of some kind.  Has anyone seen something like this before?

UPDATE:  Thank you to the wonderful blogger at "It is an all-skate" for the tip on this item.  It is used to cut the tops off of soft boiled eggs as they sit in an egg cup.  

 On Friday I hit a few yard sales and found a collection of 14 linen tea towel calendars, some vintage dating back to 1968.  I see they are selling on Ebay, so may give it a try.  Here are a few pics...
 I have successfully sold vintage linen tea towels on Ebay before, but not the calendar type. They are selling along with instructions on giving someone a calendar for their birth year along with a recipe for jelly rolls, which are made with tea towels.  I learn something new all the time in this vintage thrifting business.

I'll be joining Selena's ThriftShare Monday here http://apronthriftgirl.typepad.com/apron_thrift_girl/ . Come check out everyone's thrifty finds. :)


  1. I bought a plate with a year on it yesterday - I better research it and maybe go back for the rest of them (if they're still there) - could be a seller too!!! I remember getting a Zodiac year calender - but never used it - didn't look so good in my teenage bedroom!!!!

  2. The scissor-like gadget is for cutting the tops off of soft boiled eggs as they sit in their egg cups! My mom had her grandmother's and I loved to use it as a child!

  3. hrm. that rooster scissors thingy has me perplexed! OH! I just read the comment above mine...makes sense. LOVE the towels. that dutch 1980s one is the best!

  4. My mother in law made a very large quilt of all her calendar tea towels. No one ever used it, but I always thought it was clever!