Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrifting - Rummage Sale Finds, Resale and Reselling

Two weeks ago it poured all weekend here in Florida, but I had plans to thrift and thrift I did.  Youngest son and I had plans to meet my oldest daughter and hit yard and rummage sales together.  We started out at a church rummage sale where I found some interesting items...

It is fun to see the diversity of items at rummage sales.  Such a wide variety of fun finds.  Like this collection of antique barbed wire.  Surely someone, a rancher in Oklahoma maybe, will have to have this for their study wall.

Loved finding this Holly Hobby needlework piece.  Isn't she cute?  This may be a nostalgia buy... fond memories of Holly Hobby back in the day.  I could couple it with this pattern to post on Ebay... what do you think?

Also found some wood canisters made by Cornwall, with which I am not familiar, but liked the look.  Not sure whether to list them on Ebay or try restocking my Etsy shop.

This may be another nostalgia buy... The Rescuers Down Under Bernard and Bianca McDonald's ornaments.  My kiddos loved this movie.  These are from 1990... funny that is considered vintage now.

Picked up these The Children's Place girls boots for $3.00.  Have listed them twice on Ebay, but no purchase yet.  I really thought they would sell... one of those things you take a chance on and lose... it happens. The more you do this the better feel you get for what sells and what does not.  Clothing is one of those items that is very iffy.

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